Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of all the customers. We collection information from our customers for certain purposes but at the same time, we promise to maintain the privacy of their information.

Personal Information we may collect from you

We collect the following personal information from you so as to build contract between you and us. This information is usually asked when you place an order for any product or for the sake of any legal obligations. This information is a must otherwise, you will not be provided with the full set of services here:


You are asked to tell your real name that is mentioned on your identity card. If your name will not be true then we will not be liable for any loss and it may result in the delay of your order dispatch. You are asked to provide first and last name.


You are asked to provide your address accurately otherwise, you will not be able to receive the product. If the customer does not provide true address then he will have no right to claim for the refund.

Contact number:

You are also asked to provide your contact number so that we may contact you if any queries have to be made or answered. Contact number should be started with international code for example, +1-541-xxx-xxxx.

Email Address:

When you register in our website, we ask you to provide your email address as well so that we can send you confirmation message there. It is for the sake of your account’s security. In case of wrong email address, you will not receive confirmation email and hence we will not be able to have any contract with you.

Payment information:

We may ask payment information from you if you are interested to place an order for any product at For example, you are asked to provide your credit card information.

Information we collect from third parties:

If you login through third party account for example, Facebook, we collect information about you from those third party agents. Besides that, when you use our platform that is in your computer, we automatically get the following information so as to analyze your interest and to know about your interaction with our website.

Search Information:

We collect information about how you are interacting with our website and which part of our website you are interested in so that we can show you relevant content and ads next time.

Device information:

We automatically get information about the device where you are viewing our website even if you are not logged in. This information may include IP Address, device type, operating system version, browser type, etc. The purpose of this information is only to analyze your interests so as to provide you the best services.

Location information:

When you visit our website, we get precise or approximate location information automatically. Your device’s GPS or IP address provides information about your location.

How do we use your data? collects personal information from you and from third parties for the sake of improving website’s services, to maintain safe environment, to abide by any sort of legal requirement and to improve our marketing or advertising campaign.

Improve Services:

We use your data for:

Maintain safe environment:

Another reason why we use your data is to maintain safe and secure environment by:

Improve our marketing or advertising campaign:

We use the data that we collect from you for:

Hence, every piece of information that collects from you is collected for certain legal purpose and you are guaranteed about the security and privacy of that information. It is not shared with third party for illegal consent or objective.

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